Satisfied Customer Testimonials

I had just turned 49 February 4th 2018 a week later I developed a spot on the inside of my right lower leg, after 60 days of doctors putting me on every pill form of antibiotic in the pharmacy and spent 3 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics nothing got rid of the spot on my leg. I was referred to a vein surgeon in Dothan, Alabama Dr. Pfeffier III. He informed me I had a venous status ulcer on my leg and he wanted me to wear compression stockings and try the Vein Formula Product. I was skeptical but I tried it. After 60 days the ulcer on my leg was gone, I couldn’t believe it, I love this product it REALLY works!! Thank you Vein Formula for your help.

Donna Reynolds – Daleville, Alabama

I have been taking Vein Formula for several weeks now and the pain in my calf is gone. I am able to exercise now without discomfort.

Beverly Merrick – Nashport, Ohio