The Vein Specialists Podcast Kicks Off First Two Episodes

Recently Vein Formula, brought to you by BiosupportMD, released their first two podcast episodes interviewing participating vein specialists from across the country. These vein specialists offer Vein Formula to their patients and believe in the power of micronized Diosmin and Hesperidin in regards to helping in the fight against chronic venous disease. The Vein Specialists Podcast is a show dedicated to spreading information about Chronic Venous Insufficiency including causes of chronic venous disease, symptoms of chronic venous disease, and treatment options for chronic venous disease. You can find a list of vein specialists that treat vein disease on the Vein Formula website. These physicians are dedicated to the treatment of vein disease and post vein disease treatment care.

Our first episode featured Dr. John Landi from Vanish Vein and Laser Center in Naples, FL. The episode starts off with a brief introduction to Dr. Landi, his beginnings as a physician in New York City and how he ended up in Naples, FL running his own practice. The episode then moves into the details behind vein disease, treatment options, and follow up preventative care. Dr. Chuback and Dr. Landi also discuss vein treatment and whether or not these treatments are covered by insurance. In most cases, the treatments are but there are treatments that aren’t.

Find out which vein treatments are covered by insurance

In our second episode, Dr. Chuback and Chris Tichio sit with Dr. Duane Randleman from Varicosity Management Group in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Randleman is an accomplished cardiovascular surgeon and longtime friend of Dr. Chuback. A career in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery and a passion for medicine makes this interview a great listen for information on vein health and treatment options.

With many future episodes planned and many specialists slated for interview we are pleased to bring this great show to you as well as anyone who needs more information on vein disease.

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